Urban Planning Studio + Spatial Mapping and Analytics Studio

These Studios undertake all work related to mapping urban planning at footprints ranging from larger city-regions, urban settlements of varying sizes, and metro neighbourhoods.. The Studios are involved in new growth planning as well as redevelopment and revitalization. The teams adopt all the progressive principles and standards for urban planning as articulated in the NUSPD Guidelines. These include the use by the Plannign Studio, of use+form based zoning regulations, transit design, networked design, ONE land zoning (Open, new, existing land), protective heritage development zoning, density scale, mixed income – mixed use residential options, tiered social amentities and green pocket per capita allocation. The GIS studio, adopts all the latest tools and standards to ensure high quality and speed in mapping and analysis that the Planning Studio requires. The studios have undertaken numerous plans for governments and development authorities. All the work done over the last ten years has been pro bono, with no charges or fees levied to client.

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