Our Founder

Swati Ramanathan, who laid the foundation of Jana USP, is also the co-founder of Jana Group, a clutch of social enterprises focused on urban transformation in India.

The group includes: Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy committed to transforming India's cities and citizenship. Janaagraha takes a systems approach to addressing urban challenges, working both with citizens at the grassroots, as well as with all three federal tiers of government. Ms Ramanathan leads Janaagraha's innovations in theuse of social media and mobile and internet technology for civic participation. She has received international awards and recognition for ipaidabribe.org on retail corruption in 25 countries; and for ichangemycity.org on hyper local citizen participation, including Google's Global Impact Challenge, 2013, ICIF Australia 2015, Manthan Award in 2015.

Jana Urban Space Foundation is committed to improving urban planning and urban design in India, and is engaged in both planning and design practice and policy reforms. Over the past 15 years, India's urban reforms and policies on a variety of fronts have been shaped substantially by the work of Jana Group. Ms. Ramanathan, the Chairperson of Jana Urban Space Foundation, at the behest of the Ministry of Urban Development, and the Planning Commission, Government of India prepared the "National Urban Spatial Planning and Development (USPD), 2013 Guidelines" for planning India's cities.,. Ms Ramanathan was the Co-Convenor of the Urban Planning Group of the Planning Commission's 12th Five Year Plan. She is currently the member of the Chief Minister's Advisory Council, Government of Rajasthan. She has undertaken the planning of Spatial Development Plan 2035 for Sawai Madhopur, and transformational projects for the city that are related to Mobility and Conservation of the city's water system and Protection of the Forest and Tiger Sanctuary. Ms. Ramanathan's work on Urban Design standards for city roads have been adopted as the desired standard by the state of Karnataka (Tender SURE – Specifications for Urban Road Execution). The Government of Karnataka has allocated Rs. 500 crores over 2012-14 in the state budget, towards model Tender SURE roads for the CBD area of Bangalore city. The Tender SURE project is a visible success in the city, and the Chief Minister has announced the inclusion of 50 more roads in the 2016-17 budget.