About Us

Jana Urban Space (Jana USP) was first established as India Urban Space Foundation (India USP) in May 2007. Jana Urban Space today is a Professional Services Social Enterprise (PSSE), delivering transformational, world-class work on the spatial dimension of cities. Jana Urban Space is a not-for-profit entity - part of a clutch of purpose-driven organizations under the umbrella of Jana Group.

Jana USP has four inter-disciplinary vertical Studios - Urban Planning Studio; Urban Design Studio; Spatial Mapping and Analytics Studio; and Architecture and Design Studio. The fifth vertical is the POLICY division...

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Spatial & Urban Policy

The Spatial Policy Division's goal is to catalyse a more thoughtful transition for a rapidly urbanising India. Spatial Policy does that by examining the roots of the problem rather than its symptoms, working towards sustainable solutions and reforms. Jana USP has proposed significant policies, rules, and guidelines that impact the physical experience of our cities.

We begin with a deep understanding of challenges on the ground. This understanding is further enhanced with testing solutions through pilots...

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Urban Design

The urban design studio is the bridge between the urban policy / urban planning and spatial mapping studios and the architecture and design studio.

The studio focusses on the design and implementation of projects of great public value, with a focus on improving the quality of life in our cities. The projects vary in scale from neighborhood to block and city level to provide maximum impact to all stakeholders.

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Urban Planning

These Studios undertake all work related to mapping urban planning at footprints ranging from larger city-regions, urban settlements of varying sizes, and metro neighbourhoods.

The teams adopt all the progressive principles and standards for urban planning as articulated in the NUSPD Guidelines. These include the use by the Plannign Studio, of use+form based zoning regulations, transit design, networked design, ONE land zoning (Open, new, existing land), protective heritage...

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Architecture & Design Studio

The architecture and design studio at Jana USP works on affordable housing projects as well on the transformation of public buildings such as transport hubs and market.

The team works closely with the Urban Design Studio, given the interconnected nature of elements of delivery in public projects.

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Our Founder

Swati Ramanathan, who laid the foundation of Jana USP, is also the co-founder of Jana Group, a clutch of social enterprises focused on urban transformation in India.

The group includes: Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy committed to transforming India's cities and citizenship. Janaagraha takes a systems approach to addressing urban challenges, working both with citizens at the grassroots, as well as with all three federal tiers of government. Ms Ramanathan leads Janaagraha's innovations in theuse of social media and mobile and internet technology for civic participation...

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