About us

Jana Urban Space Foundation [JanaUSP] was first established as India Urban Space Foundation (IndiaUSP) in 2007. It is a non-partisan, not-for-profit trust working on the core premise that urban planning and urban design are central to shaping vibrant cities and city regions, thus enhancing the quality of life.

JanaUSP's goal is to catalyse a more thoughtful transition for a rapidly urbanizing India, through three streams of activities involving practice and policy: Urban Planning; Urban Design; Policies for Planning and Design.

The Foundation supports government agencies by preparing spatial plans for regional, municipal, and neighbourhood levels. In addition integrated design and implementation solutions have been provided for projects to improve urban design of public spaces such as roads, junctions, transport hubs, rural produce distribution markets, etc. JanaUSP provides technical expertise on policy reforms for better planning and design. We believe that transformational change should be based on leadership and partnership - from those within government, as well as from those outside the government. In keeping with this view, the Foundation organises events that act as vibrant platforms:, bringing together government, market, academia and policy thinkers, practitioners and civil society.

The Foundation has done pioneering work in both advocacy and practice, effectively moving the needle forward using pilot projects, research work, publications, workshops, conferences and expositions.